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A Little Bit Floral, A Little Bit Paisley


What a great fabric choice my new Californian customer, Joe, has made! This print is from the current Liberty of London range. It completely removes the need to make a decision that many of my customers struggle with: floral or paisley? It has them both!

Joe opted for lots of piping and ‘smile’ pockets.


I have placed one of my signature contrast pearl snaps in line with the yoke….


… and added an extra yellow snap to each sleeve placket. It just seemed like the right thing to do.



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Is it a yoke? Is it a pocket flap?

lagos laurel back

Yokes that turn into pocket flaps are an established element of western wear design. I’ve had it at the back of my mind to try some on a Dandy & Rose shirt, but the idea really took hold when I was doing some research for my PhD in the Nudie’s archive in The Autry Museum of The American West a few months ago. I kept seeing jackets in the style and was suddenly inspired to try the same thing, but with mixed prints.

upper front

My friend and customer Bill DeMain, who is a songwriter and journalist as well as running Walkin’ Nashville, a fun and informative walking tour of Nashville (where, in fact, he and I met), gave me the chance. He picked out a Dandy & Rose favourite, the Liberty paisley, Lagos Laurel. I suggested mixing two colours of the print, and Bill opted for blue and red. Although it’s now a Liberty classic, ‘Lagos Laurel’ was introduced in 2012 in celebration of the London Olympics, and features a laurel wreath in amongst the paisley motifs.


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Dandy & Rose On Display

I am so honoured that The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum have put this paisley shirt that I made for Jim Lauderdale on display. It’s in one of their ‘Featured Western Wear Designer’ cases just off their foyer.


While I have been researching my PhD, I have spent a lot of time in the Hall’s archives, looking at garments by the great western wear designers, like Nathan Turk, Manuel and Nudie Cohn. So it’s a wonderful thrill now to be in an exhibit alongside them.


Photograph by Scott Simontacchi

The shirt will be on display for a year. After that, you can expect to see Jim wearing it onstage again!


Photograph by Julianne Rouquette

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The Blues

Bourton blue front

Commissioned man’s shirt in Liberty of London’s paisley ‘Bourton’

As you’ve probably guessed, I love colour. But my favourite colour is blue.

My mum loves blue too. When I was a kid I was nearly always dressed in blue, so for a while in young adulthood, I rebelled. But now blue and I are the best of friends again, and we have been for ages.

There are so many shades of blue in this classic Liberty paisley that I can’t begin to count them.

From darkest navy, to dusky violet, through to sweet lilac and clear, clean turquoise, they work together to make a cheering whole. I’ve added stitching in a smoky midnight colour and snaps the colour of bluebells.

I have worked with this Liberty classic paisley print in several colourways and loved them all, but this one always lifts my heart.

Bourton blue back yoke

Commissioned men’s shirt in Liberty’s classic paisley, ‘Bourton’.

This shirt was commissioned, but if you’d like a Dandy & Rose shirt of your very own, click on the SHOP tab at the top of the page, or drop me a line through the CONTACT page. I’d love to hear from you!

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A year at Dandy & Rose

Here’s a gallery of the shirts I made in 2015. What a lot of piping ruffling and stitching I have done! Thanks to everyone who placed an order, or enjoyed looking at the shirts online.

Happy New Year!  If you’d like to own your own Dandy & Rose, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat. Prices and details are available in my online shop Dandy & Rose on etsy.com

I can’t wait to see what I get to make in 2016!

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Making a paisley splash!

front leftA few months ago, I made a shirt in palest blue paisley for a lovely lady called Lorna, who now lives in the USA, but is a native of Paisley in Scotland. I called the piece ‘The Prettiness of Paisley’ and you can read it here:

The Prettiness of Paisley

Well, Lorna has left pretty and pastel behind, and for her latest shirt has chosen a brand new Liberty of London paisley called Cadby’s in reds, greens and blues. I piped her shirt in navy blue and added emerald green snaps.

What a wonderful splash of colour!


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Dean Owens’ shirt

Dean Owens' shirt in 'Lady Paisley'

Dean Owens’ shirt in ‘Lady Paisley’

One of the things I love about making a shirt to commission for a musician is being able to listen to them play while I sew. It’s the perfect coming together of two of my favourite things: clothes and music.

The Scottish singer/songwriter Dean Owens picked out this wonderful Liberty print during a break between sets when he played The Greys in Brighton a few weeks ago. It’s called ‘Lady Paisley’; there are paisley motifs hidden everywhere in those beautiful Indian-style floral motifs. Placing the pattern was quite a challenge but as it came together, I really loved it. I cut the back yoke to reflect the pattern.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While I cut, piped and sewed I listen to Dean’s beautiful and moving latest album Into The Sea:

and to his acoustic album of songs by and about Johnny Cash, Cashback. It’s a long time favourite album and includes one of my favourite covers of one of my favourite Johnny Cash songs, I Still Miss Someone.

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The Prettiness of Paisley

The paisley motif comes originally from Iran; its meaning is debated by design historians, but it may represent a twisted tree or floral bouquet.

The shape became popular in Europe when Kashmir shawls using the design began to be imported from India in the seventeenth century. Spurred on by the invention of the Jacquard loom in the early nineteenth century, weavers in the Scottish town of Paisley began to produce shawls featuring its characteristic droplet shape; Victorian ladies were mad for them, and the design came to be known as the ‘paisley pattern’.

This shirt was commissioned by a Scottish lady who now lives in the USA. I hope the paisley design and the Scottish element in its history, remind her of home!

I love working with paisleys. Who would have thought that such a simple shape could have had so many variations? And it’s classic and elegant, but ever since it had its fashion comeback in the psychedelic 60s, it’s been a little bit hippy-dippy too.

This is Liberty’s design ‘Charles’, a new addition to the classic range this year. So pretty in this pastel blue!