Dandy & Rose

Bespoke Western Shirts, Handmade in England

How to measure for your bespoke Dandy & Rose shirt

Please follow this measurement guide and record your measurements in centimetres or inches, as you prefer. It’s best to ask someone to help if you can.

  1. Neck – Take the tape measure around your neck, around the widest part. Bring the tape measure together just tightly enough so that you can fit a single finger in between the tape measure and your neck comfortably.
  2. Chest – Take the tape measure under your arms and up around the widest part of your chest. Bring the tape measure together so that it meets snugly, with just space enough for one finger between your body and the tape.
  3. Waist – Take the tape around the widest part of your tummy. Again, make sure it fits snugly, with just enough space to fit one finger between it and your body.
  4. Shoulders – Take the tape measure across your shoulders from the bone at the top of your arm straight across your back to the bone at the top of the other arm.
  5. Arm length – Ask your helper to hold the tape measure on the bone at the top of your arm, then bend your arm to put your hand on your hip. Ask your helper to measure down the side of your arm, across your elbow, to the bone at your wrist.
  6. Back length – Take the tape measure over your shoulder and hold it at the bottom of your neck where the bottom of your shirt collar is. Then simply run the tape measure down your back, keeping it straight, to where you want the shirt to finish. If you have a shirt that’s just the right length, wear that when you are taking this measurement.