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The Prettiness of Paisley

The paisley motif comes originally from Iran; its meaning is debated by design historians, but it may represent a twisted tree or floral bouquet.

The shape became popular in Europe when Kashmir shawls using the design began to be imported from India in the seventeenth century. Spurred on by the invention of the Jacquard loom in the early nineteenth century, weavers in the Scottish town of Paisley began to produce shawls featuring its characteristic droplet shape; Victorian ladies were mad for them, and the design came to be known as the ‘paisley pattern’.

This shirt was commissioned by a Scottish lady who now lives in the USA. I hope the paisley design and the Scottish element in its history, remind her of home!

I love working with paisleys. Who would have thought that such a simple shape could have had so many variations? And it’s classic and elegant, but ever since it had its fashion comeback in the psychedelic 60s, it’s been a little bit hippy-dippy too.

This is Liberty’s design ‘Charles’, a new addition to the classic range this year. So pretty in this pastel blue!