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Bonjour Monsieur Grenouille, or Hello Froggy


Front landscape peach pincher

Bill DeMain is a very talented man. He is a journalist who has interviewed all your musical heroes; an accomplished musician and songwriter based in Nashville; the entertaining and astoundingly knowledgeable tour leader of Walkin’ Nashville; and a recently converted Francophile.

Bill visited Paris last year and fell in love with the city. During March, he returned for one of those total immersion language courses and kept his instagram followers entranced with photographs of the things he saw (and ate) while in The City of Light.

When Bill asked me for suggestions for his third Dandy & Rose shirt, this wonderful Arts and Crafts style print by Liberty leapt right into my mind. It seemed like such a fun way to acknowledge Bill’s love of France. And just look at that frog, with his little toes!

close up with label peach pincher

It can get hot out there, walkin’ Nashville, so Bill likes short sleeves. I like short sleeves too, and leap at the opportunity to make them.

short sleeve detail peach pincher

I have been waiting for an opportunity to use this print ever since it came out last year. I’m so glad that one has has hopped along.

OK. That’s enough corny frog jokes. Unless you know any.




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Queen Bee

Queen bee back

I have been dying to post photos of this shirt! But I’ve been waiting for the all clear, as it was a Christmas gift from a brother to his sister – so I am not sure whether his choice of a fabric called ‘Queen Bee’ was a comment on their respective roles in the family! 🙂

At any rate, she was reportedly very pleased to receive it – and it is a very special Liberty print, one of those where you spot more and more detail as you look. I love the crown that the bee seems to be placing on her own head!

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Happily Ever After

I’ve just finished my first commission from a married couple. The shirts went off together in the post today and it’s lovely to think of them being worn together.

If you would like to know how to order a bespoke Dandy & Rose shirt of your own – or maybe for your significant other – click on the SHOP tab at the top of this page.

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Wild Bill Morris



Last summer, I received an email from John Brisland. He had read my feature on Jim Lauderdale in Country Music People; he is a fan of Jim’s, so that’s the first thing we have in common!

Sharron Manley's shirt in Liberty 'Lodden' https://dandyandrose.com/2013/10/30/sharrons-shirt/I had mentioned in the piece that I make some of Jim’s shirts, so John came over to this website to look. That’s when he realised the other thing we have in common. We each see a link between the designs of the Arts and  Crafts movement and western styling. It seems perfectly natural to me to take a piece of Liberty fabric with a print designed in the nineteenth century, sometimes by William Morris himself, and turn it into a western shirt. Morris’ inspiration may have been the flora and fauna of England, but that’s no reason his birds, strawberries and thistles shouldn’t appear on that most American of garments, a western shirt. That’s perfectly sensible, isn’t it?


It turns out that John thinks the same way. As he puts it, ‘uncannily’. He is a retired art lecturer and printmaker who, for the last several years, has been working on a series of prints and watercolours called ‘Wild Bill Morris’. They show a rugged but well turned out retro cowboy surrounded by Morris-style floral patterns – that’s him at the top of the page. Like me, John is inspired by a love of country music; he also enjoys a joke. He told me that ‘Hank Wangford has always been a great hero of mine. That heartfelt love of classic country music, tempered by an affectionate humour and irreverence! I have always related to the tongue in cheek, the visual pun, the sense of ridiculous.’ So when, like all cowboys, Wild Bill gets the girl, she is, of course, called ‘Calamity Jane Burden’. Here are the two Jane Burdens together, John’s version looking much more cheerful than Mrs Morris. But I understand there were reasons for that.


Sock It To Em by John Brisland

Sock It To Em by John Brisland




Wild Bill also has a sidekick. I’m not sure what he’s called. Sherriff Burne Jones, maybe?








Some of John’s prints are inspired by the style of Nashville’s own Hatch Show Prints, like the one on the left, below. His watercolours, like the one beside it,  show a glorious sense of colour:

That’s why, after I met up with John a few weeks ago when he was down this way, I found myself with this fantastic painting on the workroom wall.

My John Brisland watercolour

My John Brisland watercolour


It’s such an inspiration to know that great minds think alike, if I might be immodest enough to say so!