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Having a spangly Christmas

I’ve had a lot of encounters with peacock feathers this year; I’ve made four shirts from Liberty’s ‘Hera’, after all.

But when I saw these tree ornaments in a local shop, they brought another peacock feather motif to mind – the one used by the great rhinestone tailors, Nudie Cohn and Manuel Cuevas, about whose work I am writing my PhD.

I had to buy them. And then I had to buy a Christmas tree to go with them. I am grateful for the Barbie pink theme they have brought to its decor.

After a bit of a search, I found a couple of examples of suits embroidered with the distinctive Nudie peacock feather – Elton John and Mike Nesmith are wearing them:

And then I remembered this clip of Jim Lauderdale, who likes to team his Dandy & Rose shirts with a pair of jade green Manuel trousers with peacock feathers embroidered on the lower leg. There’s a close up of them at the beginning of the clip, but keep watching, because just after that, he sings my favourite song of the year…

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All’s right with the world

Sometimes I wonder if pattern matching has become a dangerous obsession with me.

But there’s something about placing and matching patternsĀ that’s strangely reassuring. When that 3 point yoke was all stitched into place onto the back of the shirt and I saw the peacock feathers line up, I knew that all was right with the world.

Even more so when I realised that I had made the pattern run all the way down from the collarĀ to the back of the shirt, completely by accident; I had already done the same thing with the button band.

Pretty soon I’ll be matching patterns in my sleep. Now that’s obsession!

This is Liberty’s ‘Hera’ – I wrote a little bit about the history of the print a few weeks ago.