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On angels’ wings


eben back

This print by Liberty of London, Eben, was inspired by the wings of angels depicted in fifteenth century manuscripts, like this one in the margin of Les Grandes Heures de Rohan.


Angel, Grandes Heures de Rohan, Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris. Circa 1430.

All power to the monk who painted the angel above, he did a great job and everything, but I think he forgot to colour in the wings.

Still, we’ve put that right now.

I think this might be the most colourful shirt I have ever made. It’s winging its way to Nashville and its new owner, Jim Lauderdale.


2 thoughts on “On angels’ wings

  1. Hoi Janet.
    It´s a wonder how I met your site. I´m not interested in clothing at all. But in art…I say it with a little a, cause art calls you by your name. So many beautyfull and boring ways. Whole my life, I´m 69 nine now, so let´s say 65 years, i´ve tried to draw. In the flower-power time I´ve made posters, saw Andy Warhols exhibition in Eindhoven ´69, tried paintings and cartoons. Had my first exhibition 3 years ago in a steelfactory and can tell a idiot story about it, but may-be I´m boring. So nobody knows me, exept for Jim Lauderdale.
    He saw the poster I´ve made for Paradiso, Amsterdam, of the Sam Outlaw/Jim Lauderdale concert, and me, my sister in Law and Jim had a nice talk after the concert.I buyed that evening one CD and now I´ve 6. Looking also to his you tube clips. Saw his suits. So this proces is working for one month in my mind. This afternoon I´ve received some news from Adobe abouth the flower-power revival. kind of art I´ve use to try, 50 years ago. This evening played some you tube things of country, suddenly, after Jim Lauderdale, found your site.
    One of my sons is a lover of nice Hawaii shirts. Even buy them second hand. The man who loved my drawings so much that he learnt me very patient for free how to use a computer and photoshop, is a lover of fashion in the old style. To them, I use to feel difficult to be enthousiastic.
    But looking to your site, i was in trance All those colours. All those big names. But also looking for the first time to other things as T-shirts. It was a real suprise to see it. And now I know how I found your site: I was looking to a Jim Lauderdale T-shirt.
    At the age of 41, I had to learn chemistry for the first time in my life,to get papers for process operator. It was not possible for me to understand the teacher who teach it…till I found the person who knows exactly to make it clear to me.
    And so, Janet, I love the site of you, telling clear how much you like your products. Next time I make a poster of C& W, I shall tink on Dandy and Rose. (I love also that label.)

    • Hi Nick
      Thanks for your lovely message. It’s great to hear how much you love the shirts and that you found them as a result of your art. I would love to see your posters! Do you have a website?
      Did you find your Jim Lauderdale t-shirt? They have them for sale on his website!

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