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Man in Black Ruffles

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Front right with label

Back in 2013, I paid a visit to the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville and, perhaps predictably, lingered in front of this shirt. As I have mentioned before, I think, I love to see a man in ruffles.

JC Museum

I just found my post on Facebook for that day, 21 September 2013. I say “While I was photographing this ruffled shirt in the Johnny Cash Museum, a young man next to me said ‘Look at those ruffled cuffs. Why can’t you get ruffled cuffs like that any more?’ So I gave him my card.”

Jamie Freeman, who co-owns Union Music Store, Lewes and fronts the band The Jamie Freeman Agreement commented “Janet, I photographed that shirt the other day *specifically* so I could commission one from you!!”

In the event, and I admit it’s taken a while to get to it, Jamie has opted for a black shirt. Instead of a central ruffle, we have a band with jewel snap fasteners, and we have put a single red jewel snap on the right cuff, which we are thinking will sparkle as he plays guitar when his band backs the Nashville singer songwriter Angaleena Presley at her Lewes gig tomorrow night.

front square on

Sparkle and ruffles. What more could a man in black need?

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