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Mixing it up

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I’ve always loved mixed print shirts.One of my most-worn garments is a ruffled shirt I bought years ago that mixes two stripes and a paisley. Every time I wear it, people ask if I made it myself and I wish I could say ‘yes’.

The trouble is, mixing prints is pretty tricky and mixing Liberty prints is even more of a challenge, because most of their prints contain loads of colours, squaring up to fight with each other.

I’m slowly building up my confidence with mixing it up though. I’m really pleased with this shirt in Liberty’s classic paisley ‘Bourton’ with yokes in ‘Ellie Ruth’. At this time of year I like to make something in Autumn colours and today the rain stopped long enough for me to take my model (I call him ‘Bud’. Not after the John Travolta character in Urban Cowboy, but because he came in a box marked ‘Budget Price’) outside to be photographed in the Autumn light, The rich rusts, reds and greens of the fabrics come through really well, I think. The shirt has green snaps.

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