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Sharron’s shirt

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This shirt was made for a customer who wanted something classic, and blue.

So I made a few suggestions and from them she picked out a thistle-themed print called ‘Lodden’ which William Morris made for Morris & Co in 1884. Liberty adapted it and added it to their tana lawn range in 2007.

As a teenager, I was a great enthusiast for Morris and even belonged to the William Morris Society. Yes, it would be fair to say I was a bit of a swot. But then alcopops had not yet been invented and there was little for a young woman to do except sit in her room, obsess over design history and listen to David Bowie. Wondering.

Anyway… I so enjoyed making a shirt in this very traditional Arts & Crafts design, even though the detail in it made pattern placement a challenge. I love how many blues they have managed to incorporate here.

Sharron wanted a nice close, curvy fit. We weren’t able to meet up, so she sent me a favourite shirt to work from; she also took some measurements¬† herself. She tells me we got it spot on!


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