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“You’re nothing but a pack of cards!”

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This shirt is made from another print from Liberty’s recent Alice In Wonderland themed range. ‘Philip Clay’ is based around Alice’s encounter with the Queen of Hearts and her entourage, who, if you recall, are accused by Alice of being ‘nothing but a pack of cards’.


“You’re Nothing But A Pack of Cards!” Sir John Tenniel, 1865. Wood-engraving by Dalziel

The design was lino cut.

As I have worked, I have noticed the tiny hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades hidden within its filigree pattern.It’s beautiful. Because of its delicacy, I haven’t added any contrast colours; instead, I have turned the pattern cross and bias ways to distinguish the yoke and pockets. There’s a little more detail on this in my previous post, Cross Ways.


The pearl snaps are grey.

This shirt was ordered by a customer who had received a gift voucher: for details of how to buy one, or for how to order a bespoke shirt of your own, click on  the SHOP tab above.




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