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Floral seeks paisley for lifelong companionship…

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I do so love mixing Liberty prints!

I have made quite a few mixed print shirts just for my own pleasure and amusement and just before Christmas, a brand new customer in Los Angeles bought one of those from my etsy.com shop


lagos laurel/mitsy/claire aude

He enjoyed wearing it so much, and got so many compliments, that he got in touch to order another – my first mixed-print commission. He wanted to start with something pastel green, so I suggested the classic floral Liberty print ‘Capel’. After a bit of searching – no, a lot of searching – finding the right mix is a bit of a challenge – I came up with a colourway of the paisley Bourton that I thought looked divine next to it. It has a touch of sage green to tone with the floral, but enough blues and raspberry pinks to provide a real contrast. I’ve added a contrast placket to the cuff, which I have never done before.

I’m glad I set these two up to meet! I think they might have been made for each other…


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