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A little subtlety, please….

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I’ve been a bit under the weather recently, so I’ve been taking it slowly with this commission for my very dear and longstanding friend Teresa Collins.

Teresa is a colour consultant and designer of beautiful bespoke rugs. You can see them on the Little & Collins website:


She’s got the sharpest colour sense of anyone I know (no pressure there then!) We’ve been shopping together for decades and it’s a standing joke that I will always choose the most vibrant colours available, while she goes for understatement.

One day when I was buying a piece of  Liberty’s ‘Storm’ – in this colourway, which I used for Danny Champ’s shirt

back yokehttps://dandyandrose.com/2014/03/14/danny-champs-shirts/



there was a friendly disagreement about which was the ‘best’ colourway So passionate was Teresa’s attachment to the beautiful dusky black, silver grey and caramel of her choice that she bought a piece and got me to make it up as a shirt.

The jury is still out on which colourway is the ‘best’; but I have to agree with her – this one is striking in its subtlety.


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