Dandy & Rose

Bespoke Western Shirts, Handmade in England

Where else to find Dandy & Rose


On this blog I’m going to be sharing all the fun and inspiration that goes into making Dandy & Rose shirts – patterns, lovely Liberty of London fabrics, design ideas.

If you’d like to find the shirts for sale, they are at


There’s lots more about the shirts, including pictures of people wearing theirs at



2 thoughts on “Where else to find Dandy & Rose

  1. Your work is lovely! I would enjoy seeing a tutorial on how to make long western shaped cuffs. I am making a shirt for a western style wedding.

    • Thank you Judy!
      Do you have a pattern for your shirt? My suggestion would be to look for a vintage pattern with the type of cuff you need – often they appear on 1940s and 1950s patterns – I think maybe people were more ambitious in those days! That’s how I have learned some of these skills – just by following pattern instructions, then practising a lot! A lot of 70s patterns have a pointed cuff that is a lot easier than the traditional ‘shotgun’ cuff and looks impressive. Vogue 8973 is a favourite of mine and it also has a smile pocket.
      There are loads of vintage patterns on etsy, or try
      Penny, who runs this site always has lots of Jean Hardy patterns.
      Good luck! Enjoy the wedding!

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